His Until Christmas

by Emma Deux

Marry me is what we pretend he asked.
Work for me is what he actually promised.
Love me is what I can’t help wanting.
Save me is what my heart insists he did.

HANNAH: I’ll do anything to take care of my sister. And when we’re evicted just before Christmas? I’ve got no choice but to say yes when I’m asked to work the VIP room at Romano’s. The tips will mean a roof over our heads tonight, but Trey Romano is the one doing the asking, and he expects me to do more than just serve drinks.

LUKE: I’ve come to Romano’s tonight to talk my business partner into finding himself a fake fiancée to help us close a deal. All we need is a girl. But Hannah? From the moment I see her, I don’t want any other man to touch her. Especially not the one who doesn’t seem to be taking no for an answer. I put a stop to that. Forcefully. And then I offer her a job. I don’t expect her to take my heart, too.

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Category: Erotic Romance