His To Tame

by Gia Bailey

Brother’s Best friend. Pain in my ass. Now… my partner.

Tracing folks who skipped their court dates is an exciting job that I can’t wait to sink my teeth into. Sure, I’m a bit green, and need to learn the ropes, but I just need practise.
What I don’t need is a know it all, cocky partner who won’t leave me alone.
Diesel is my brother’s best friend, and childhood nemesis.
Just my luck he grew up hotter than sin, and insufferable as hell.
He keeps getting in my face, starting with breaking me out of a criminal’s trunk.
I don’t need his help. I’ll show him how capable I am.
I just need to get away from him first.

Emily Archer is a thorn in my damn side. She’s smart, funny as hell, and the kind of gorgeous that stops men in the street.
She’s also my best friend’s little sis, and completely off-limits.
I could rest easy when she had a desk job, but now, she’s out on the streets, putting herself in danger.
I can’t let anything happen to her, even if I have to babysit her myself.
Now, I just need to keep my hands off… harder said than done.

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Category: Contemporary Romance