His Lifeguard Obsession

by Gia Bailey

I can’t take my eyes off the new lifeguard. It’s unhealthy. I’m obsessed.
It’s going to be a long, hard summer…

Summer in the city gets hot—this one’s scorching. Deals move from the boardroom to the country club. I feel too tired of sycophants trying to get my attention, and too old to care about the summer fun those younger than me are having. I’m only interested in business; the country club is the newest addition to my portfolio.
At Hill Crest, my reputation clearly precedes me. Everyone is scared of me, worried about their jobs, cautious, boot-licking, and irritating.
Everyone except her. Chloe. The lifeguard. My new obsession.
She doesn’t play by the rules. She’s a trouble-maker, a rebel.
I’ll teach her some manners and tame her wild recklessness, just enough to make her mine.

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Category: Contemporary Romance