His Heiress Obsession

by Gia Bailey

Adeline needs some rules in her reckless life. Luckily, I’m her trust fund guardian. I’ll be the firm hand she needs, and she’ll be…. my obsession.

Being made a guardian over a young woman’s fortune is an imposition I didn’t need. My business partner’s sudden death left behind his only daughter. I’d never met her before, and the whole ordeal was an annoying distraction.
That was before I met her. Adeline Laurent. I flew back to the country expecting a sheltered, naïve heiress recluse, and instead, I met Adeline.
My obsession sprang to life from the moment we met when she tried to steal my wallet.
My sweet girl needs a firm hand and a good influence. I’ll be both to her.
I know exactly what she needs, my little obsession, and I’ll give it to her.
No one better get in my way.

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Category: Contemporary Romance