Highland Skies

by C.A. Szarek

Sacrificing the biggest part of who they are for love is only the start… Liam MacLeod, half Fae/half-human, only has wings in the Fae Realm. Over there, his magic is stronger, and he relishes the chance to navigate the skies, despite his family’s warnings of the dangers. His forbidden quest through the Faery Stones takes a perilous turn when he’s intercepted by ruthless Fae Warriors and left for dead. An exiled and compassionate Fae healer, Sienna, discovers Liam and mistakes him for a banished winged Fae Warrior. Tending his wounds sparks an undeniable connection between them, defying the boundaries and laws of their worlds. Liam is forbidden to stay in the Fae Realm, and Sienna’s destiny is tied to a dark, family secret of lost magic and a pact with an evil mage. Fulfilling Sienna’s lifelong desire for magic comes at a great cost she refuses to bear. Following Liam into the Human Realm would mean sacrificing her birthright. Facing insurmountable odds, Liam and Sienna must forge a path where love triumphs, testing their willingness to sacrifice their deepest desires—his wings and her magic.

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Category: Fantasy Romance