Highland Hellion (Blades of Honor Book 1)

by B.J. Scott

Arya MacEachan’s beloved father taught her to hunt, ride, to handle a sword, and shoot an arrow straighter than most men, things a proper lady did not usually learn. When he is killed at the Battle of Bannockburn, their holdings taken by Robert the Bruce, the spirited lass is left alone to care for her invalid mother, a task she does not take lightly.

Garrett MacDougall, leader of his displaced clan and their related septs, struggles to provide for his people on barren land where hunting is forbidden, forcing him to steal from the new Lord of Argyll in order to survive. When Arya, the woman he loves and wishes to marry, insists on accompanying the men on a raid, he knows better than to forbid her from joining them, so he reluctantly agrees.

But when a traitor betrays them, and Arya is captured, then sentence to death, Garrett is forced to accept help from his sworn enemy, the Fraser brothers, summoned by Arya’s dying mother to rescue her daughter, the sister they did not know they had until now.

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Category: Historical Romance