by N.M. Catalano

Warning: It is passionate, it is suspenseful, it’ll blow your mind. There is darkness, you have been warned, now enter at your own risk…

Secrets, they entice you, they bind you, they hold you captive. A challenge whispered to you luring you closer. Will you delve into their darkness? Would you go? Or would you hide…

I had rules. They protected the fortress of my darkness.
My secrets.
I allowed myself certain distractions, but nothing permanent.
It wasn’t allowed.
If I slipped, then I’d fall.
That was one thing I couldn’t afford.
Until her.
She was secrets wrapped up in a challenge. Tied with a big bow of sensuality.
I was about to take the biggest fall of my life.

I’d found complacency in my nightmare.
A comfort in normalcy.
I was surviving.
It sucked, but I was safe.
Until he crashed into my world.
He had secrets.
Lots of them.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance