Hewitt: Jagged Edge Series Book One

by A.L. Long

All Lilly Davis wanted was a simple life. She thought she could have that with Peter Hewitt. She was wrong. With too many secrets getting in the way, she knew it would never work.

Accepting her parents’ offer to help with running a new art gallery in Paris, she thought she could put her feelings behind and start a new life, only it didn’t work. Her days were filled with thoughts of Peter.

Returning to New York, Lilly wanted what her best friend Dylan Matheson had, a loving home, a beautiful child, and a man that loved her more than life itself. Only the man she wanted to share these things with, still had secrets that could tear them apart forever.

When danger and loss enter her already imperfect life, would she finally be able to let down her guard and give the one thing she said he would never have? Her heart.

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Category: Contemporary Romance