Her Unexpected Catch

by Laura Ann

A college professor looking for acceptance and a moody ship captain searching for freedom.
When a rumor sparks a dangerous debate, can these two find love on the high seas?

Dr. Hadlee Ford is on track to be the youngest Associate Professor at the college she teaches at, despite being the only female and the obvious prejudice of her faculty board. A past mistake makes it difficult to get the funding she needs, but she eventually convinces her colleagues her final project has merit. Hadlee takes off, excited for the opportunity to prove herself once and for all. Little does she know that a vicious rumor has proceeded her to Seaside Bay, and if the town fishermen have their way, her project will never leave the shoreline.

Captain Felix Mendez is finally free. He spent most of his adult life raising his little sister after the death of their parents. Now that she’s married and out of his house, he’s eager to enjoy life without any ties. His plans are disrupted, however, when he’s roped into driving a marine biologist around in his boat all summer. His job is to make sure she gets all the information she needs to complete her research, NOT to protect her from the town’s inhabitants. Yet, no matter how much he fights it, Felix is intrigued by the beautiful scientist and soon staying close to keep her safe isn’t as horrible as he’d thought.

When their plans for the future clash, can these two find enough common ground to give their attraction a chance? Or will gossip and fear send them sailing in different directions?

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