Her Shadow

by Amber Scrolls

Her Shadow is an erotic story that is sensually indulgent, full of wild abandon, and mysterious.

With Hunter, Monique explores her shadow. She discovers what holds her back from trusting and how to let go into a full surrender.

Monique is at the river feeling the sun beating in between her thighs when she sees a man walking towards her.

“I’m Hunter,” he says.

Monique can almost feel his breath on her skin. She gives him a seductive smile and a rush of carnal adrenaline rises in her. She is a warm fire, begging for him.

Monique reaches for him and they link hands, lock eyes.

His hand is warm and there is presence in his grasp, a balance of giving and receiving. She feels his masculine strength as she looks into his blue eyes.

“Monique,” she says. She feels so open to him, so comfortable, so soon.

She whimpers at the thought of him inside of her, caressing her, and traveling the course of her body with his hands. She wants his small pressures, his heavy pressures, anything he will give her. Surrendering to him is all she craves and desires.

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Category: Erotic Romance