Her Secret Wolf

by Lucy Piper

There is a wounded shifter bleeding all over my petunias. And witches and shifters don’t mix.
But there’s a connection between us I was told was impossible…

The shifters have come. The wards have failed, and it’s up to me to get them back up before whatever injured this wolf returns. I have to stop the bleeding because a dead werewolf in the garden is going to be a lot bigger mess than a live one who can walk away on his own.

I also have to keep my heart from breaking because from the moment he opens his eyes, I can’t look away. It feels like I’ll never be whole again if he leaves.

It turns out there may be a lot more to the story of shifters and witches than we were ever told, because I did not expect to find my soulmate in a wolf.

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Category: Paranormal Romance