Her Perfect Revenge

by Anna Mara

“I hate his guts and now we’re engaged! How did this happen?”

Christina…“Okay, I know revenge isn’t right but it’s the super rat from high school and he doesn’t even recognize me. I’ve got the perfect plan to get even. What can go wrong?”

Bill…“Man, there’s just something about her that attracts me like gravity. Okay, maybe I shouldn’t be blackmailing her into pretending to be my fiancée to fool my moneybags father but she’s perfect. And my plan is perfect too. What can go wrong?”

William…“You give your children everything and what do you get? Disappointment & heartburn! If my rotten son and the girl think they can fool me with their scam, they’re nuts. I’m going to make them marry for real. That’ll teach them! My plan is perfect. What can go wrong?”

So who will win? And how badly can revenge go wrong for everybody? Fun & sexy.

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Category: Romantic Comedy