Her Irish Daddy

by Bianca Cole

He may be dangerous, but I can’t resist the urge to call him daddy.
A secret kink I’ve never explored draws me to an underground club.
My new friend and colleague is a regular member and convinces me to join her.
What I didn’t know is the place is run by an Irish crime gang.
Even worse, the leader of the gang takes an interest in me.
Something tells me he’s not used to taking no for an answer.

Devlin Murphy is six foot four of pure muscle, plastered in tattoos.
He has dark eyes you could lose yourself in and an accent to die for.
It seems he has a specific kink, one which strikes a chord with me.
He wants me to call him daddy, and I don’t think I can deny him.
He will demand my obedience and punish me without mercy.
Risking my heart with the devil might get me burned, but will it be worth it?

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Category: Erotic Romance