Her Fated Alpha

by Robert Warden

I’m a vampire huntress who gets imprinted on, and later mated to, a pack alpha. I moved to Harrisonburg, Virginia to take care of my cancer-ridden sister. But then I discover a string of murders in town at the hands of a vampire.

On top of that, there’s a wolf pack in town and their alpha, Tyler Perkins, has fallen head over heels for me. To make matters worse, my sister dies at the hands of the vampire.

But in the pursuit of justice, I start warming up to Tyler and things get steamy between us. He helps me take on the vampire and his nest, who become a threat to his pack. As the fire and passion burn brighter than ever between us, I discover something: he’s my fated alpha

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Protective Alpha

by Robert Warden

An enemy pack wages war against us, a secret about Tyler is exposed, and it could lead to our downfall.

I wasn’t a vampire huntress anymore. I’ve been completely detached from my legacy, my family name, and mortality in general. I joined the Harrisonburg pack when I got bit, turned, and mated to Tyler. Now people see me as the queen of the pack.

I haven’t even gone a full day as a new wolf in the Harrisonburg pack when a foreign scent floats through our camp, a usual sign of an invasion. It’s a false alarm at first, until it proves to be a bad omen later on. The alpha of the Roanoke pack wages war against us because of something my mate did over a decade ago with his dad against the Roanoke pack.

The Roanoke alpha is more determined than ever to destroy our pack, which pushes Tyler, me, and the rest of the wolves to the edge.

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Category: Paranormal Romance