Her Detective Dragon

by Alice Summerfield

Lone Dragons don’t have soul mates, but storm dragon Grissom Hale thinks that he might have found his hiking down a lonely stretch of road during a thunderstorm. She’s the woman that he was made for, his soul mate, but can a human even feel a dragon’s mating bond?

Ana Alves meets Grissom on the worst day of her life, while walking home from the worst date of her life. Detective Grissom Hale is handsome, kind, and shockingly rich. He might be too good to be true, but he might also be the only thing standing between her and an unfortunate end.

Her Detective Dragon is a complete, standalone novel featuring a steamy romance between a Latina barista in over her head and the storm dragon turned police detective that would do anything to protect her. If you like paranormal romance, don’t miss this exciting read! Buy it today!

$0.99 Previously $2.99

Category: Paranormal Romance