Her Detective Dragon

by Alice Summerfield

Lone dragons don’t have soul mates, but Grissom Hale might have found his. Latina barista Ana Alves is human, curvy, and up to her neck in trouble. Can they save each other? And can a human ever feel a dragon’s mating bond? Has 162 reviews/4.3 stars on Amazon US! One-click today!

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Category: Paranormal Romance

Her Photographer Phoenix

by Alice Summerfield

Researcher Dr. Ellis Hale is willing to risk everything – including her life – to uncover the secret lives of the firebirds that she loves. Phoenix Benton Hwong has traveled the world in search of memorable moments and his soul mate. Will Ellis’ research get her killed? Or can Benton help his curvy mate escape a grisly death? (4.5 out of 5 stars!)

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