Her Cold-Blooded Protector

by Lea Linnett

He has cold blood and a frozen heart. Can she relight his fire?

Earth belongs to the aliens now. Humans are at the bottom of the ladder, and nowhere is that clearer than in prison. But Lena won’t give up. She’ll do anything to bust out of this alien jail and get back to her sister.

And her only chance is to tag along with Kormak–one of the same cold-blooded, alien invaders that enslaved her planet.

It doesn’t help that Kormak hates humans. They burn hot and bright, but they are weak and easily snuffed out. The last thing he wants is a human slowing him down.

But she needs a protector, and he’s drawn to her flame. When an accident derails their escape and strands them in the wintry wilderness, just who will end up saving whom?

Her Cold-Blooded Protector is a steamy, slow-burn romance with mature themes. If you like resourceful heroines, strong-but-silent heroes, and a good old-fashioned road trip, you’ll love this full-length alien romance!

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Category: Science Fiction Romance