Her Cartel Daddy

by Bianca Cole

I’ve admired him from afar for years, until he shows his true colors.

Dante Ortega has played guitar at the club I work at ever since I started. His band is famous in New York City. One night, I find out the gorgeous guitarist has a very dark secret.

One moment I’m a bartender living a normal life.
The next, I’m kidnapped by the man of my dreams.
I’m a witness to a murder he committed.
It turns out Dante is the leader of the cartel in New York.

My life is turned upside down faster than I can blink.
His touch is as cruel as it is gentle.
The chemistry between us is impossible to deny and always has been.
Now that the secret is out, he wants to cross the line and make me his.

He won’t take no for an answer, and his tastes are anything but vanilla. Will I still want him now I know the darkness that lies within?

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance