Her Bodyguard Swap

by Laura Ann

Everly Madison loves life as an online music sensation. But it turns ugly when an internet troll won’t stop leaving threats on her videos. When her brother insists she get a bodyguard, Everly is initially resistant, until she meets the Lockwood triplets. They might look identical, but only one of them makes her heart flutter a new tune.
Ridge Lockwood gave up the military to help his brothers establish a personal security firm. But when one of their first clients is the online singer-songwriter he’s admired for months, Ridge is devastated when his brother is assigned the case instead of himself. Unable to sit on the sidelines, he takes matters into his own hands and convinces his brother to switch places.
As Everly becomes confused about exactly who she’s falling for, the predator’s actions begin to escalate. Can Ridge defend her while still hiding his secret? Or will he come clean, risking not only his company’s reputation, but the woman he’s fallen desperately in love with?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance