Her Arranged Alpha Husband: A Wolf Shifter Romance

by Alicia Banks

Love at First Sight and a Forced Marriage
Ben saw her for the first time dancing naked in the jungle, and he’s hooked from the beginning.
Teri didn’t want to get stuck in an arranged marriage to some distant alpha that she heard came from a powerful and reckless clan.

Teri was devastated to be forced in to a marriage.
Being a female felt like a punishment daily.
She knew the rules of the kingdoms, but dread filled her when she was told it was time.
It was a savage rule to give her away, but she didn’t have a choice.
Her mate was Ben, an egotistical jerk from what she heard.
If the rumors were true, she had been given to a very dangerous shifter.
He was from a dangerous, warring clan and as Alpha he ruled his people with an iron fist.
Not to mention he was up in North Alaska, and she was pretty sure she was going to freeze to death.
Why would her father set her up with such a beastly shifter?
However, after meeting him, she had to wonder why the devil was so handsome.

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Category: Paranormal Romance