Heiress Billionaire

by Sophia March

All my life, I’ve learned the lessons taught to me. As the eldest heiress of the San Giovanni family, certain things have been expected of me. The right friends, the right connections, and in time—the right husband.

I’ve only dated men who might serve the family. Only made the choices that would please my father with the caveat of one promise that was made to me.That when it came time to marry, I would get to choose my husband from the eligible men who courted me.

Now I’m being told that I’m being given to a Bratva son to make peace. Without my consent, without my input—sold to the Russians to fulfill a bargain made by my brother Antonio to save his own bride. And with those words—everything I’ve ever known or believed shatters.

I, Esperanza San Giovanni, have always been a dutiful daughter. But I am the San Giovanni heiress. And I won’t be bartered away.

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Category: Contemporary Romance