Heir of the Eyrie

by J. C. McKenzie

No one wants to get away from the Eyrie more than Alexandria.

Away from responsibilities. Away from the fawning crowds. But most of all, away from him.

Lexa needs to complete a year-long sojourn on the Isle of Man to learn more about their customs and renew confidence in the alliance brokered by her parents and the human king. But really, Lexa needs to figure out what kind of ruler she wants to be and how to ditch her royal babysitter.

Kellen won’t tell her what happened a year ago, or why her existence now troubles him, but one thing is clear—he’s not the sapavian she thought he was. When trouble unleashes during her trip, Lexa tumbles into a precarious position and needs to rely on the one person she sought to avoid. Kellen might be the next Captain of the Guard, but how can she trust him with her life when he destroyed her heart?

**Heir of the Eyrie is a standalone.**

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Category: Fantasy Romance