by Stella Frost

In my world, you keep what you conquer. Now she’s all mine.

Dropping down to Earth was supposed to be a quick, painless job. Too bad one drink with the cute Earth girl ended up with me drugged and bound on my own ship. I thought I taught her a lesson, but all she learned was that the sparks fly between us. Now we both want more, no matter how explosive it gets.

If I was smart, I’d drop her in the desert and let the dust storms finish her. If I was smart, I wouldn’t give her a second chance to trick me. I definitely wouldn’t take her to bed and promise to show her the stars.

No one said I was smart.

An everyday smuggling run turns into something more with Vani at my side and in my bed. She’s the sweetest cargo I’ve ever carried. But when someone threatens to take her away, I’ll tear through everything stupid enough to stand in my way.

She’s mine, and no one steals what’s mine.

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Category: Science Fiction Romance