Haunted by Love

by Keri Lane

Fate and circumstance won’t stop bringing me, Phee Carter-Wright, a paranormal influencer, and Darwin Chen, a paranormal debunker, together. Everywhere I turn, there’s Darwin with that half-quirk smile and a million sarcastic snipes at my job.

It’s absolutely infuriating.

What’s even more infuriating, though, is the fact that we can’t keep our hands off each other. This strange chemistry that we have either has us publicly duking it out or privately groping at each other.

It needs to stop.

Of course, just after I vow to stay far away from him, I get an offer that could make or break my career: spend the night in Vancouver’s most notorious haunted house. The catch? Darwin will also be spending the night. In what promises to be an exciting showdown to determine if ghosts truly exist, we have one night to prove our case to the world.

At least I know we won’t be all over each other while we’re locked in together. Surely there’s nothing sexy about trying to solve a hundred-year-old murder in a possibly haunted house.

… right?

Haunted by Love is an enemies-to-lovers romance with a guaranteed Happily Ever After(life).

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Category: Romantic Comedy