Hall Pass – Wife Swap Fantasies: The Complete Series

by Jamie Hunter

When Naomi’s late night dinner party breaks out into an adult board game, things get interesting and erotic. And after three steamy minutes in a darkened closet with Julian? Naomi’s night gets even wetter as she wins the game… as well a printed 24-hour exemption from her marriage, the Hall Pass.

At first she thinks nothing of it… until her adventurous husband Corey endorses it for her. Released from her marital vows for a single evening, Naomi is whisked away by Julian – Corey’s sandy-haired, chiseled-bodied construction buddy – for a single night of ultimate, carnal lust.

Join Naomi’s roller-coaster ride of emotions into the world of wifesharing, wife-swapping, and hotwife pleasures. Julian takes his new lover, body and soul, to the point where Naomi can barely stand up on her own two legs… and then returning her, soaked and disheveled, back into the arms of her loving husband.

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Category: Erotica