by Kitty Laporte

“It began in Dean Street Coffee but it ended up somewhere much more shocking, on that farm, with all it’s hidden delights that were revealed to me by her. Desires and pleasures that I couldn’t have even imagined until I saw them for myself.

“I was lucky I guess, I got to find out. Most people probably don’t even get close to what occurred to me, all that sin, decadence and sordid activity, it’s not something you usually would even dream about. At least, not unless you’d been to Peach Farm.”

Izzy Woodburn was looking for excitement, but not quite like this! Welcome to the first story in Kitty Laporte’s sizzlingly sexy ‘Peach Farm’ series – A dark and deviant tale of desire, explicit acts, and girls wearing cowbells on the sinful playground that is Peach Farm.

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Category: Erotic Romance