Grumpy Bratva Hitman

by Sonja Grey

Instead of a stocking full of coal, this year my grumpy ass is getting a wife.

I hate Christmas.
I hate everything to do with the holiday.
So why am I suddenly obsessed with the Christmas-caroling, little ball of winter cheer that’s found her way into my life?
She likes candy canes and hot mugs of cocoa, and I kill people for a living.
These two worlds were never meant to collide.
But all that changes when she sees me taking out my latest target.
I don’t leave witnesses—not even cute ones in reindeer-decorated, knitted caps.
Now, I’m left with a choice: take her out of the equation permanently or make her my wife and give her the protection of my name.
The last thing I’m expecting is the raw desire between the two of us or the fact that I’m falling so hard and so fast for her.
This Christmas just got a whole lot more complicated.

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