Grumpy Billionaire Single Dad

by Harley Chambers

Grumpy Billionaire Single Dad: An Enemies to Lovers Romance

I was supposed to help this grumpy, hot, billionaire pick out a new bed for his mansion. Instead, I ended up in it.

Despite being ten years older, Maxwell’s deep green eyes and 6-pack abs are irresistible and drive me to distraction..

I’m the interior designer for his newly built mansion.

This opportunity could skyrocket my company to global recognition, making my dreams come true.

He didn’t put up with push back from anyone… until he met me.

We butt heads at every turn but underneath it all is an animalistic attraction that just can’t wait to unleash itself.

As the project moves along, the sexual tension between us builds to a fever pitch.

I have to get this project finished in time for his young daughter’s birthday, but there’s a sinister figure from my past who’s threatening to expose a deep buried secret.

I’ll soon find out if he can get past my secret or if everything I’ve built with him will be lost.

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Category: Action & Adventure Romance