Going Pro: The Complete Series

by Ashlyn Hope

Her real name is Prudence but friends and family call her “Pro.” But despite the nickname, she feels like a bumbling novice at, well, everything. Especially relationships.

As a woman by herself in the big city, Pro doesn’t always feel like she’s living up to her nickname. These days she can’t get a win. One day she’ll be struggling to pay for rent. The next she’ll be dealing with the downfalls of internet dating. She’s all alone in the big city and fighting to keep her business afloat while trying to find love, and none of these things are going her way.

After an internet date goes south, Pro literally runs into the chest of a man on the street–David. Kind, considerate, and absolutely massive, David plays for a local professional football team. Nicknamed “Meat Mountain,” he’s absolutely huge.

Will this finally be one for the win column or will Pro fumble yet again.

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Category: Sports Romance