Glory Creek

by Jenny Haley

San Antonio, 1876. Bailey Rose lives under the porch of a whorehouse, raised by a drug-addicted mother and a violent madam. In a desperate attempt to reject her preordained life as a soiled dove, she sneaks off to school one fine day and meets the kindest boy she has ever known. What follows is wondrous journey to Jacob’s sheep ranch, where supernatural events begin to unfold—some beautiful, some beastly. Within a few magical days, her life becomes entwined with that of a laughing, blue-eyed boy. But a tragic set of events involving a mysterious man from her mother’s past tears her away from the enchanting world of Glory Creek.
Years later, Dr. Bailey Rose returns to San Antonio to open a clinic in the Red Light District. Meanwhile, Jacob has emerged as a mayoral candidate, but he is achingly lonely, still dreaming of that fiery-haired ghost-girl from his past.

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Category: Historical Romance