Given to the Mercenaries: A Military Reverse Harem Romance

by Krista Wolf

I was willing to give anything and everything to find my brother. But these three ex-special forces soldiers wanted only one thing from me. And it wasn’t money.

When my brother Evan disappeared on the streets of Oakland I looked for weeks. Broke and alone, my search put me on the Lozano crime family’s radar; a virtual death sentence.

That’s when they showed up: three tattooed, muscle-bound saviors, arriving at my darkest hour. Protecting me wasn’t their intention, but it became their shared goal. It felt good to be safe and sound, tucked away in their underground apartment.

But these men aren’t just military, they’re ex-special forces. Mercenaries are for hire, paid to do the impossible jobs that no one else can.

And I need my brother back.

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Category: Military Romance