Girl Submerged, Surging Tides: Book 1

by Avara Yaron

Sirena’s life is crumbling. Vivid dreams and watery emotions mystify her, threatening to drag her down. She finds herself unemployed, gaining weight, and sinking into depression. It doesn’t help when she discovers her live-in boyfriend has been harboring a devastating secret.

Sirena’s agent finally calls with a cinematography job in remote Indonesia. Far from home, a cataclysmic event brings to the surface long-buried truths, challenging everything she has ever known and everyone she has ever trusted. On the tiny island providing her a much-needed haven, Sirena crosses paths with a stunning and dynamic man, also haunted by his past. Their magnetic attraction is impossible to ignore, but the last thing she needs is more heartbreak…

Sirena’s journey covers difficult terrain, but is juicy and mystical along the way, and ultimately transformative.

This explicitly erotic romance is intended for adult readers.

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Category: Erotic Romance