Getting Strong – Strong Armed Series Book 1

by Elisabeth Mayer

For Adults Only – Mature Situations

My attraction to Barrett Strong was like none I’d ever encountered in my life. I was drawn to him instantly and didn’t think twice about blowing off a critical meeting to spend the next several days in his hotel room. He oozed the perfect mixture of sex appeal and confidence that I could get lost in, and I did.

After turning me inside out, he made a proposition using words I understood: straight forward and direct, casual, and no strings attached. Happily ever after wasn’t written at the end of my life and if I could have a good time with a hot guy, I was all in.

Then it happened. I fell for him so hard that I started to imagine having things in my life that I never dreamed of. I dreamed of romance and…gulp…love. After an extremely hot night in one of the club’s he’d recently acquired, I made it my mission to have the fairy tale ending; and to have it with Barrett.

**Warning: Contains recollections of past sexual abuse**

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Category: Erotic Romance