by Sherry Foster

Six years ago a simple trip to town turned into a flight with no end in sight. Gabby has no idea why the men are chasing her, she only knows she has to stay one step ahead of them.
Trey and his pack are shocked when a new shifter moves into his territory. When it comes to light she has no idea of her family history and has been on the run for years he must make a decision. Will he send her away to safety or risk taking her in? But Trey didn’t count on Gammon getting involved and now things are out of his control.

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Category: Paranormal Romance


by Sherry Foster

Life hasn’t been the same since her twin sister left home. On the run for years with only her aunt and uncle, Trina is tired of running. Her birthday is coming up and she is determined to take control of her life and find her sister.
Jaden’s wolf has found their mate but things are complicated and he is running out of time. He has to find her before his wolf gets them killed. But what happens when he sees she married someone else? Now his pack has to find him before he starts a war and when Gammon gets involved things may get a bit difficult for all parties.
But Trina is hiding a secret that could change the future of the race, if it doesn’t get her killed first.

$0.99 Previously $2.99