From the Moment We Met

by M.L. Broome

Dive into the first book in ‘A Series of Moments’, chronicling the romantic journey (and all ensuing chaos) between Jacob Edmonton, an A-list actor, and Lilly Staver, the nurse who saved his sister’s life. Little do they realize, they were also meant to save each other.

Jacob Edmonton was robbed—of his dignity, his reputation, and his award statuette. Hollywood’s golden boy is nursing his wounds after a flash-in-the-pan relationship with a high-profile singer upended his world. Now he has one goal—repair the damage and get his life back.

But his return to superstardom unravels when he meets Lilly Staver, a straight-shooting nurse who’s as brutally honest as she is beautiful. His ego wants to hate her, his mind can’t stop thinking about her and don’t even get him started on his heart.

Lilly Staver knows all about Jacob Edmonton—or his kind, at least. And what she knows is to stay far away from the golden-haired Adonis. But despite every misgiving, she finds herself inextricably drawn to the A-list actor and the loneliness behind his Hollywood façade.

Love as they know it just took a hairpin turn into unchartered territory, but when Jacob’s former girlfriend shows up with an opportunity to salvage his career, will he choose the life he knows or the love he never knew existed?

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Category: Contemporary Romance