From Asphalt

by J. E. Pace

Paramedic Lance Patterson knows you can’t save everyone. Still, when he notices an injured dog limping along the outskirts of a car accident, he decides that maybe he can save just one more. After visiting the vet, Lance has another problem—the beautiful veterinary assistant that he can’t get out of his head.

Becca Williams has plans much different than her life as a veterinary assistant, or her sister’s editing assistant, or any kind of assistant at all. It’s time to pull away from her hyper-successful, family and find her own way. Which doesn’t involve any hot paramedics, especially of the puppy-rescuing variety.

But when Lance needs help teaching his dog to use her paw fully again, how can she say no?

Soon Becca is being pulled away from her dreams. Again. And Lance is sure he can save everything. Again.

In finding each other, will they lose themselves?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance