Friends with Benefits

by Kris Kassady

Can two hours of pleasure erase two years of pain?

After a devastating breakup, Derek has lost all faith in relationships.

He craves intimacy but doesn’t want the emotional burden that comes with it. His initial solution is to hire high-end escorts, but quickly finds that isn’t enough.

Enter Tonya, a fitness enthusiast who immediately catches Derek’s eye. Experimenting with his own friends with benefits program, Derek hires Tonya for two hours of intimacy with no strings attached, & Tonya readily agrees. But can Derek separate his emotions when he tangos with Tonya? And is Tonya just taking the money, or does she have her own agenda?

This erotic short story explores the complexities of modern relationships, & the ways we struggle to balance our desires with our emotional baggage. Readers will love the raw, honest portrayal of two flawed characters desperately searching for a way to connect.

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Category: Erotic Romance