Fractured (Mate Rejected Book 1)

by Eve Bale

What do you do when your mate teaches you that fate is a curse to be broken?
You run, that’s what.
I dream that my mate will give me the home I never had. Will give me the life I never had.
One day, my dream comes true. The finding-my-mate part. That’s it.
Now I’m stuck with a mate who’s already taken. One who views me as worthless, and who never lets me forget it. Every. Single. Day.
As an omega, I never had a place in my pack. It doesn’t take me long to learn that I don’t have one with my mate either.
I might just find one in Winter Lake. If my mate doesn’t track me down, and if the alpha of the pack that shouldn’t exist doesn’t learn what and who I am.
But staying is impossible. Not in my condition.
Only, the brown-eyed shifter who saves me is making it harder and harder for me to remember all the reasons why I can’t stay.
When you break your curse, where do you run? Who do you run to?

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Category: Paranormal Romance