Four Tattoos: A Grumpy Sunshine Age Gap Reverse Harem Romance

by Stephanie Brother

Falling for four gruff tattoo artists is unexpected…getting pregnant is catastrophic.

I’m the girl everyone looks to for a sunny comment and a bright smile. That’s why my attraction to four older ex-military men with silver in their hair and dark ink all over their muscular bodies comes as a complete surprise.

We have nothing in common, but I’m putty in their experienced hands.

The four men make me feel safe, and the more time I spend with them, the more I start to care. They mark my skin and imprint themselves on my heart…but our fling leads to consequences.

I’m not expecting that the five of us will form a happy little family, but the men deserve to know about their newest creation, and I need to find the words to tell them they’re going to be daddies.

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Category: Contemporary Romance