Forever After

by Ashley R. King

On the Vampire Reality Show, Forever After, unexpected love isn’t the only plot twist.

Autumn Reid is in a rut. At nearly thirty, she hasn’t ventured outside her sleepy Georgia town, Covey Crossing. Spotting an ad for a new dating show, Forever After, she jumps on the chance. It’s a dating show with a twist—a vampire bachelor. Sure, the winner gets either cash or immortality, but Autumn doesn’t expect to make it that far. She just needs a shakeup in her dull life. What she doesn’t expect is the infuriatingly handsome vampire duke.

But a love-hate relationships is the least of Autumn and Oliver’s problems. Contestants are being murdered one by one, and a vampire appears to be to blame. But the show must go on, and the director is convinced a relocation to their finale in England will solve all their problems.

$0.99 Previously $3.99

Category: Paranormal Romance