Forbidden Love (A Holiday Taboo Book 1)

by Skye-Anne Chariss

Nathan is a 34-year-old man who lives with his vibrant single mother, who, despite her age, has an enormous sexual appetite, especially for young toy boys.

It is a long-standing tradition that Nathan spends holidays away from his mom but with his Aunt, Uncle and cousin Jess. Of course, his mother doesn’t mind the space during this time since it is her chance to feed her “beast.” Nathan finally gathers the courage to act on his cousin’s perpetual crush, but he quickly learns that Jess is hopelessly in love with another man.

Will this stop him from pursuing his cousin?

Will their desires for each other be fulfilled?

Nathan develops this sudden and unusual infatuation with his aunt? Will he act on that too? Or will he remain the good boy that he’s known to be?

This Mystery Erotic is not to be missed. If you love a mystery erotic short read, then get your copy.
Adults only

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Category: Erotica