by Evie Rae and Poppy Flynn

Recover the Lost. Uncover Love. One Woman, Five Men, and a Deadly Mystery.

Trouble stalks me, even in my tropical haven.
My world is a small one, carefully designed to be so after the tragedy of my brother’s disappearance. I keep things simple and carefree against the backdrop of the sun and fun of the Florida Keys.

But even bright sunshine has dark shadows.
When a serial killer from the Keys’ past begins his work again, my simple little existence gets a lot more complicated. Especially when five gorgeous men take more than a passing interest in me.

Practically overnight, my life is torn apart and I am forced to turn to these strangers for protection. As we share an island paradise, I’m left wondering if it’s just the shadows that possess darkness…or if it’s all around me.

Inspired by the dark side of Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, this suspenseful romance will leave you breathless.

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Category: Mystery/Suspense/Thriller Romance