Fireworks Fade Fast

by Mari Sol

If you want lasting love, can you trust the fireworks?

Eva Evans wants a picture-perfect life. But after her lake-side Fourth of July wedding implodes, she needs revenge on her cheating new husband, Tony. But where the hell has he gone, along with his mistress Nan?

Drake Adams needs to take care of everyone around him. But he’s desperate to return to his nephew to his half-sister Nan, who dropped the baby on his doorstep before skipping town. He can’t handle an infant on top of everything else!

After Drake rescues Eva from drowning-by-wedding-dress, they discover their common goal: finding Tony and Nan. So instead of giving up her honeymoon, Eva decides to spend it with Drake, planning pay-back. It definitely has nothing to do with his massive fireman’s build or lush dark eyes…

But when sparks fly, Eva is wary. If she’s learned one thing, it’s that fireworks fade fast.

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Category: Romantic Comedy