Firemen Fantasies

by K.C. Crowne

Seven sexy firemen and the lucky ladies who capture their hearts.

Transport yourself into the blazin’ hot Firehouse of Manhattan, as we follow three heroic, brave and salaciously s*xy firemen in their quests to find lasting love.

Included in this box set is a steamy reverse harem with four firemen and one VERY luck lady.

Book One: His for One Night
There’s lust in her eyes.
And I’m more than happy to scratch her every itch.
But things get complicated.
Two turns into three…
And the sexy socialite is having my baby.
Her family wants to cover the scandal and get her back together with her cheating ex.
If they expect me to just stand around and watch, they have another thing coming.

Book Two: His Baby
Chelsea ripped through me like a hurricane…
Broke down my walls. And changed me down to my CORE.

Today, I fight fires for a living.
For a welcomed distraction from the demons of my past.
Behind the smoke and ash…
I see something that has me frozen.
Those striking eyes that can’t be mistaken.
That voice that’s been haunting me for years.
And there’s a fear in her eyes she’s trying so desperately to hide.

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Category: Contemporary Romance