Firefighter Next Door (An Older Man Younger Woman Romance)

by Lauren Milson

Absolute, pure hot temptation just moved in next door.

They call me a hero.
My job as a firefighter is everything for me. It’s my vocation and what I live for.
But a tempting little thing just moved in next door.
Forbidden fruit.
And I’m hard for her curves, her smile, the way she moves so sinfully.
I already know the heat I’ll take if I even look.
I put myself in harm’s way every single day, but nothing’s ever felt as dangerous as her.
My job is everything to me, but I’ll risk anything for her.
Because I don’t do anything half-way.
Dangerous or not, she is mine.

I just moved in next door to a dangerously hot older man.
Big. Strong. Off-limits.
And he isn’t just a fireman. He’s also a model for our town’s annual calendar.
He’s Mr. December.
He does it for charity, not for the attention.
But he certainly has my attention.
I can’t keep my eyes off him.
I know I shouldn’t want him, but I can’t help it.
So I’ll have to be satisfied with just looking
Imagining him walking across my lawn, throwing me over his shoulder, carrying me to his house.
Because I know I wouldn’t be able to handle him.
He’s just too powerful, too experienced.
So…I’ll just have to look…
Because if I touch, I might get burned.

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Category: Erotic Romance