Finding Santa

by Bridget E. Baker

After Mary’s mom left her family to pursue a career-as a trucker!-Mary vowed she’d never repeat her parents’ mistakes, even if it meant never having any children of her own. Her resolve destroyed her last relationship, but she’s over it. She fills her time with work and volunteering. Mary runs an enormous Christmas charity called Sub-for-Santa.

Her life lacks nothing, or so she thinks, until a strikingly handsome master electrician named Luke doggedly pursues her, convincing her to hazard a first date. Luke puts a snap and crackle in her step that she’s never had before. Mary giggles over texts like a teenager and counts the minutes until she will see him next.

But when an issue with her charity sends her to the front door of a trailer and Luke answers her knock, Mary’s shocked. His adorable children peek out from behind his legs. Will Mary’s well-laid plans short like old-school twinkle lights, or can she unwrap herself from this holiday tangle in time to appreciate the best Christmas she’s ever had?

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Category: Clean & Wholesome Romance