Finding Hope: A Small Town Beach Romance

by Erin Brockus

Two damaged hearts, one island paradise.
Can their wary spark ignite an unbreakable destiny?

Hope Collins is in a rut, but her dreary Chicago existence gives her the safety she craves. Until her life is turned upside down when she unexpectedly becomes the owner of a scuba diving resort on the Caribbean island of St. Croix. Leaping into the unknown, she arrives to complications. The biggest?

Gorgeous yet enigmatic dive instructor Alex Monroe.

Alex has made peace with his life on the island—mostly—but is soon captivated by the beautiful, but clearly out-of-her-element Hope. Deeply scarred by his past, he has found a way to move on. But only an existence, not a life.

Until Hope arrives.

While trying resist the magnetic pull between them, a series of mishaps throws them together. Both are searching for new beginnings, but can they trust that the only way forward is with each other?

With an irresistible tropical setting, Finding Hope is a slow burn, steamy beach romance and the start of Hope and Alex’s epic journey from wounded souls to soulmates. This captivating tale is the first novel in the completed Half Moon Bay series. Dive in today!

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Category: Contemporary Romance