Filthy Puck

by Wynter Ryan


Last year for my 21st birthday, my younger sister bought us each one of those mail-in DNA testing kits. It was all fun and games until we received the results. I’ve spent the last year searching for my biological father, only to find he passed away a few years ago. But what I did find was a half-brother. He’s a professional hockey player, and I’m in town to attend one of his games. We’ve talked numerous times on the phone and even over video chat, but tomorrow is the first time I will meet him in person.

But tonight, for my 22nd birthday, I want to do something just for me—something to erase the heartache of the last year. Going from the daughter of a prominent congressman to the daughter of a deceased professional hockey player can take a toll on a person. Not to mention finding out your mother was once a puck bunny and you were conceived during a random hook-up. No, tonight I want to do whatever it takes to feel something again, anything, even if it is for only one night.

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