Feral: A Werewolf Monster Romance

by Trish L. Heinrich

Humans and Werewolves do not mix. I tried that once and all I have to show for it is a broken heart. No thanks.

When I have to pretend that Daphne is my mate in order to find the mystical artifact threatening my clan, I know it’s going to end badly. But I’ll do anything to save my family, so I decide to act like the cheerful bookworm with the body of a goddess doesn’t affect me in the least.

Which was a big fat lie even before I discovered the one thing that would make all of this ten times more complicated. You see Daphne is my true mate.

Now every day that I spend with her is a special kind of torture. Her very touch makes my body burn with desires I’d buried a long time ago. I need to claim Daphne, to make her mine.

But I can’t, I won’t. She may accept that I’m a Werewolf, but Daphne doesn’t know the dark beast that lurks under my skin. If she did, she’d run screaming.

So I’m going to keep my distance, for both our sakes. And when the mission is done, I’m setting her free. Even if I have to tear my heart out to do it.

Warning: Feral is a steamy standalone monster romance in the Monsters & Artifacts series. It has a grumpy Scottish Werewolf, a sunny bookworm, primal chases, outdoor ‘fun’, size difference and enough fake relationship angst to keep you up all night. It definitely has an HEA. CW include body image issues, emotional abuse, biting.

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Category: Paranormal Romance