Fated in Forbidden

by Keira Blackwood and Liza Street

Warning: This book contains a possibly possessed Pomeranian in a paranormal pickle.

Stuck celebrating the upcoming nuptials between her best friend and her ex-fiance, Sophie is resigned to a weekend of suckage. However, she soon befriends a muddy puffball dog and a hot airplane pilot, proving that positive thinking begets positive gains.

For Finn and Sophie’s dog, it’s hate at first sight. As hot as he finds Sophie, he’d love nothing more than to boot her fuzzy little demon dog into the stratosphere. But wooing the beautiful Sophie and avoiding her dog is getting harder and harder as the formerly quiet town of Forbidden is disrupted by old ladies throwing molotov cocktails.

No Pomeranians were harmed in the making of this book. No promises about the shifters.

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Category: Paranormal Romance